First Roll: Lomography F2 Film with Brian Bruno


One of our regular first roll testers, Brian Bruno, had an exceptional shoot set to work hand in hand with the Lomography F²/400 Color Negative Film. In this interview, he shares his photos and thoughts on the film.

When you first heard about the Lomography F2 film, what were your thoughts?

I was excited since I knew it would be like almost a cinema-style film, which is my favorite.

What were you trying to achieve and express with this one roll of film?

Audrey and I wanted to take you on a journey through all this beautiful plants and flowers and figured this would be a good film to use since Lomography hasn't let us down.

Now that you've finished the roll and received your photographs, do you have any tips for first timers on how to shoot and meter the film?

I shot it at box speed 400. I was amazed at the quality for being an expired film and was blown away by the results. I can't wait to shoot it at 200 or 100 to see the dreamy results!

What project could you see yourself doing next with the Lomography F2 film?

Something on location for sure! I feel this film takes you to a place that's very timeless and bursting with life.

Let others know where we can find your other work.

Google Brunoroids. Website coming shortly!

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written by blaskovichs on 2017-03-23 #35mm #color-negative-film #lomography-f2-film


  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    Very nice! I love these shadows! Lovely work.
    I can't wait to try some of this film myself!

  2. monodistortion
    monodistortion ·

    Great photos and colors! For a shoot like this I think you should credit the model too. (Audrey Kitching)

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