What It's Like to Shoot a 35-Year-Old Film


One of the main reasons film photography gets overshadowed by SD and memory cards (apart from analogue photography being a pricey hobby) is that film stocks have shelf lives. Each emulsion is formulated differently -- and a lot of unpredictable things can happen via daily-basis events such as prolonged exposure to sunlight -- loss of ensitivity, decreased contrast, color shifts, leaks, etc.

However, those have become part of the charm in film photography. Only few manufacturers are left in making emulsions. Photographer and blogger This Does Not Compute tested a 35-year-old B&W film, the Kodak Plus-X. He shares his review of shooting an expired film, and while there are drawbacks, there is enjoyment in the process.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    The slower B&W film is, the more stable it is. Adox CMS II 20 is 12-20 ISO has no expiration date. A roll of this found in a Pharaoh's Tomb is still good...

  2. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @herbert-4 love your comment!

  3. argentic-translation
    argentic-translation ·

    I shot 1968 expired film =)

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    The oldest film I shot and home processed is a Svema MZ-3 (12 iso) expired 1978. I shot 2 rolls of it in different occasions and I was really stunned by the very old-school looking pictures, as if they were taken in the 70's....

  5. bkspicture
    bkspicture ·

    Looks like they got a bit underexposed and read that one might want to go down a stop in expoure for film like this.
    Still nice video and thanks for sharing it!

  6. eduardo5000
    eduardo5000 ·

    Have shot a 1995 Velvia, not the best and I think mostly the scanning messed it up all the images have greenish corners but anyway the results are cool ;)

  7. alcastan
    alcastan ·

    One 120 roll of Agfa color CNS expired in 07/1980 is still waiting home to be shot. Maybe in 2018?

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