Everyday Life in 1950's Paris by Sabine Weiss

Paris is called the "City og Light" for a reason. From Louis Daguerre to Henri Cartier-Bresson, the city was the bastion of the photography camera and photography itself. There's been no other city to match this European city's contributions to photography's 150-year history.

And it was also the place where street photography was born.

The 1930's Humanist photography movement was the turning point for street photography, and Parisian shooters were in love with it. To capture scenery with candid portraiture, to embrace humanity in its rawness, was how photographers like Sabine Weiss approached their subjects.

Weiss is known for her eclectic yet distinctive approach to this sort of photography. Her photographs are often telling and emotionally candid, from endearing shots of couples to children playing outdoors, she brought true life to the lens.

Here are some of her photographs from her Paris collecttion.

Images are sourced from My Modern Met.

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