The 4th Annual Lomo Expo at Art Shack

Each year our friends at Art Shack, a vibrant art store in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada host a competition to submit photographs to their Lomo Expo. Photos must be shot on film, with a Lomography accessory, or created via alternative process. Check it out!

Hello and welcome back! Since the last time we spoke, would you mind sharing with the community some of the projects Art Shack has been working on with Lomography?

Other than having our LomoExpo in store (this is the 4th edition! Yay!), last year we worked with the Galerie Sans Nom, a local artist-run center, for their fundraising event Hors d’Oeuvre, by proposing to the participants to donate their Lomo works to the gallery for auction.

What made Art Shack decide on hosting a Lomo contest?

Well, I (Christine, co-owner), am a huge fanatic of anything related to film photography, so as soon as I became co-owner of the Art Shack, I knew I wanted to work with Lomography to start selling products and bringing the Lomo Love to the community. Since there are so many awesome techniques, cameras, and films out there, the best way to showcase them was by having an exhibit of works created by the awesome artists and amateurs.

This year Lomography sent us a few prizes to give away during the Lomo’Expo, so we decided to change up our formula a bit and turn it into a contest! We have all the works up online in an album on Facebook, where people can go and vote for their favorites.

See and vote on your favorite LomoExpo Submissions here!

Can you tell us about the Lomo expo contest?

This is our fourth edition, we accept submissions all Summer (the best time to Lomo!) right up until to show goes up in late August. Each year we do something different to show the images. The first year we simply showed them mounted on boards, but since we’ve tried to be a bit more creative each year. Here are a few images from past exhibits;

This year we recycled some old (super heavy!) doors that were donated to us.

Did you enjoy curating the exhibition and how exactly did you decide the way that the photos would be hung up?

As mentioned, we try to do something different each year with the exhibit, so it is always fun to try to find our next idea - and figure out how to fit everything and make sure every image is well showcased. We often receive different formats, instants, as well as some hand printed images which are always fun to add to the mix.

Curating the show is always fun, and we try to include everyone who submits as long as the guidelines are followed; your images must be taken on film, created with alternative processes, or you must have used a Lomography accessory to create the image. We have someone who used a Petzval lens in the show this year, which is great to see!

What has been the response of the Lomo expo by the community in the store?

The response is always great! It is really the best way to show people the variety of things you can do with film photography, and Lomography products. It’s also fun to talk to people who think that no one uses film anymore, and show them the exhibit!

Visiting New Brunswick and want to check out Art Shack? Find more information on their website and Facebook.

written by katphip on 2017-09-30 #news

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