"HER": A Movie Visually Inspired by Rinko Kawauchi


A future inspired by Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi and the longing for simplicity. Here's a closer look at the production design of Spike Jonze's movie "HER".

Who would have thought that of all movies, a futuristic science-fiction piece would call our attention because of its puristic and plain visualization? Spike Jonze, however, managed to create exactly that with "HER" in 2013. In fact, the production design in that movie was so extraordinarily harmonic for a futuristic Utopia, that even now, four years later, we can and should still talk about it.

And it happened that only a few days ago, kaptainkristian published a little video-essay on exactly that topic on YouTube. He once again reminded us of the genius visuals in "HER". Contrary to most futuristic sci-fi blockbuster, Jonze created a future, in which, despite all the technological progress, humans still feel and act like humans. A reality dominated by the digital world, in which the human nature is yet again longing for the simplicity when it comes to design, clothes, and architecture.

According to kaptainkristian, Production Designer K. K. Barrett was inspired to the visualities of HER by Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi. Watch the video to know more.

Preview image was taken from the video.

written by birgitbuchart on 2017-10-12 #videos #spike-jonze-her-visuality-production-design

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  1. human-after-all
    human-after-all ·

    Anyone knows how to get the look/feel of Rinko Kawauchis work or from the movie "Her" mentioned in the article? What technique/film/cameras/lenses etc.?

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