LomoAmigo Nicole Yeoh Sets Up a Film Lab Directory for Southeast Asia


Through her Film Photography blog Film Based Traveler, Lomo Amigo Nicole Yeoh compiles all her blog entries with personal tips on where and how much film development costs on each country she has been to.


For this entry, Nicole identifies Triple D Lab as her go-to for film development in her home country. "If you are new to film photography, Triple D Lab is the one. Both the boss (Uncle Mike) and staff are friendly. One colour 35mm roll for developing and scanning is SGD $8.50 (As of 1 June 2017, it has increased to $9.50). When they scan for you to CD, it includes a nice CD case so for me it’s like easy keeping."

The lab is located at 175 Bencoolen Street #01-07 Burlington Square and is nearest the Bugis MRT. Read the full entry here.


Scouring the area of Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Nicole and her mom found a nameless shop that still develop films. All she can share is the address -- Address: 26, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia and recounts her experience with this statement: "The price for developing and scanning is RM20 for a roll of film. This is cheap! However, they don’t cut your film and slot into a neat folder for you. What you will receive is the “measuring tape” kind of film. This is totally fine as you can always cut the film yourself and have your own way of organizing and storing the film." Read the full entry here.


Nicole took a trip to Bangkok and found herself depending on other people and her observation skills to find the film lab that will develop her rolls well. She ended up having her rolls developed at Photo City and stated this about her experience: "Develop film + scanning in 1 hour. Price for developing and scanning C-41: 100Baht. I’ve tried this film shop, their scanning is of good quality. Furthermore, they sell larger variety of films. I bought my Lomography 110 films from them for 795Baht. The staff told me developing + scanning of 110 film is 150Baht. So cheap I am gonna accumulate all my 110 films to develop here" Read the full entry here

Check more of Nicole's entries through her blog Film Based Traveler. Keep the Lomo love alive and share your insights on film development with your fellow Lomographers!

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  1. flamingoid
    flamingoid ·

    I know two of those places (in SG and BKK) but I can give some more addresses if you want, especially in Bangkok in which I know several professional labs where you can get professional slide film development, ECN-2 process, optical enlargement and where you can rent a dark room and all the equipment. For instance, I usually go to Pro Color Lab near Huai Khwang for my B&W development as they let me choose the developer, they can do stand development and they can even develop Washi film "W" which is laid on paper, not celluloid. It isn't cheap but they truly are professional (they also have a studio and they rent studio equipment). By the way, PhotoCity and A&B Color Lab are the same price because they actually are operated by the same family. They have good scanners (≈3kb/35mm picture) and very good scanners (≈10kb) but you must ask for it beforehand and it's 40 baht more per roll.

  2. crissyrobles
    crissyrobles ·

    Thanks for this info, @flamingoid :D

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