Tipster Thriller: Creative Photography Tricks to Try

Are you afraid of the dark? Gather your friends, arm yourselves with light-painting tools, and load up on high ISO film rolls -- because Halloween is slowly creeping in! it's going to be a really fun and exciting because everyone and their pets will be in costume, making it the perfect time to shoot some interesting portraits while snagging some treats, too! Aside from portraits, Halloween is also a good excuse to get crazy and experimental with some spook-tacular tricks. Here we go ...

Credit: @katehook, @snoop

Make a Pumpkin Pinhole

Get Jack-o'-lantern to take some eerily soft photos with a pumpkin pinhole camera! Here's the step-by-step.

Your Pinhole Ghost

After you've made a pinhole camera, the next step is to take pinhole ghost photos!

Redrum Redscale

Hell-o Halloween, indeed! A shock of red courtesy of do-it-yourself redscale technique.

Credits: felipemendes, pajussi & xbalboax

Petrifying Petzval Filters

Not really petrifying but more like ... cute. If you're one of the lucky ones with a Lomography Petzval Art Lens, here are some do-it-yourself Halloween aperture plates for you to print, download, and enjoy! Try it!

Colorsplash of Horror

Add a dash of horror by using Colorsplash flash as you multiple-expose. Read more about this tip here! Or, you can just play with your Colorsplash flash and bathe your subjects in hot colors; for example, you can tape an orange gel filter over your lens and use a yellow gel filter for your flash ... the possibilities are endless.

Credits: sintheeya, shabbee & stefanovasupernova

Ghostly Snapshots 1

A cool trick that uses two Lomography flashes, a camera with Bulb mode, tripod, and a friend. Easy does it.

Ghost Snapshots 2

Inject a mysterious vibe to your photos with a trick to make your subjects "transparent." Here's how!

Have fun!

2017-10-19 #tutorials #halloween

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