The Cinematic Charm of Lady Grey and Earl Grey


When you want to capture that highly-coveted cinematic look, try shooting with a roll of black-and-white film. The absence of color might lead you to think that your creative options are limited, but it's actually quite the opposite. In black-and-white, you can go moody and mysterious, haunting and dramatic, or soft and elegant. To start, we suggest the Lomography Lady Grey 400 and Lomography Earl Grey 100, both available in 35mm and 120 formats.

The Lomography Lady Grey 400 works incredibly well under all sorts of different lighting conditions. Because it's rated at 400 ISO, you can shoot from dawn to dusk, indoors or outdoors. This film also renders fine grain, which makes it suitable for dramatic portraits. If you're shooting in daylight, Lomography Earl Grey 100 will give you smooth black and white tones.

Credits: earlybird, tomkiddo & derekfm

Multiple Expose Your Monochromes

They say every picture tells a story. Make it even more interesting by shooting multiple exposures! Start by layering silhouettes and intricate details, and see how shadows and highlights interact with each other to reveal dramatic visual tales.

Credits: bnjmn, gocchin & fotobes

Embrace Darkness and Light

Explore the artistic possibilities of light and shade. The stark contrast between darkness and light make a compelling image. Stage a suspenseful shoot a la Alfred Hitchcock, or mimic Jean Luc Godard's stylish French New Wave scenes.

Credits: earlybird, marta1901 & poepel

Get Gritty and Grainy

Smooth, fine grain enhances crystal clear details. Should you encounter gritty, dusty speckles, don’t fret! It emits that analogue look that modern apps and software have been trying so hard to replicate. And, here at Lomography, we’re strong believers that nothing beats the authenticity of film!.

Credits: aldaer & maximum_b

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    So true 👍 thanks for giving me a pack of this film as a prize lomography new york 💞🗽regret of a lifetime I sold one roll of it 😢

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    the more I use it the more I like it :)

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