Lomographic Encounters with Strangers

So, you’re out on the streets with your gear, you're feeling confident and you’re excited about capturing some unique characters. An interesting stranger walks by but then — you freeze! Asking if you could take a photo suddenly feels so daunting.

“Stranger danger” was drummed into us all when we were kids, but the general public (generally) don’t bite! A little shyness shouldn’t stop you from snapping great portraits. We picked out a few of our favorite seasoned-street photographers from the Lomography Community who’ve learnt to overcome the fear of taking photos of strangers.

Credits: ivan_the_terrible

Sure, taking photos of strangers can be awkward. But for ivan_the_terrible, the worst thing that can happen is that the person says “no”. | Read more

Credits: horaciorv

Horaciorv thinks that the unique charm of a Lomography camera is a conversation starter, but what do you do in places where picture-taking is prohibited? Here, he shares a tip that may convince an unwilling subject for a snap or two. | Read more

Credits: duffman

When it comes to taking portraits, duffman asks for permission and he never asks his subjects to pose or smile. This way, the photo is more authentic. | Read more

Ah, doggies! They're so cute and adorable but they can be quite intimidating, too. Panchoballard believes it's best to ask the owner if it's ok to take a photo of their pet first. | Read more

Credits: analogmonolog

Contrary to the advice of most photographers who ask permission from strangers, analogmonolog breaks the rule and suggest that you need to be a quick to shoot and candid portraits. | Read more

Do you have any helpful advice for shy Lomographers? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below. We’re also excited to see your amazing street portraits, so post your best shots on your LomoHome!

2018-08-09 #people #places

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