Recap: Esteban Chacin "The Saturated Bliss"


Esteban Chacin is a phenomenal photographer and videographer who's latest work titled The Saturated Bliss was put on display in our NYC Gallery Store. His work is very raw and organic, embracing mistakes in the film and grain with a soft quality. There's no doubt that Esteban has a clear love for the analogue look and appreciation for film's craft. We got to let Esteban have a chance to introduce himself and his work on "The Saturated Bliss" along with his origins in photography.

I’m Esteban Chacin, I’m from a small town in Venezuela. I started to get inside the art environment because of my mother, she’s taught my sister and I how to draw, craft and many things related to art at a very young age. When I was in school I remember I used to skip classes to spend time drawing. I always had a thing for visual communication; when I was finishing high school (I used to hate it) I met a friend who introduced me to photography. She gave me my first camera, my dad and my sister always shot photos but I never felt that I was part of that, then everything changed.

I switched to film cause I was very tired of the digital way. Everything turned so boring and un-organic, you know it was cool but the feeling faded away with the anxiety of after shooting something, grabbing the SD card, put it on your laptop, editing them and that’s it. Now I take more time, I have more patience. I’ve developed more my perspective of seeing things, I’ve also ruined a lot of film rolls but that’s part of the process. Film photography keeps me calm, another reason why I changed to it was because I always loved to see those old family photos, the tones, the depth of them gave me a nostalgic look and for me they’re the perfect example of how I want to create my memories.

The Saturated Bliss is an exhibition of some of my photographic work that I have done during a difficult moment in my life. Where I felt lonely, where all my insecurities and depressions came back, but at the same time shooting photos was the only way I could feel good again. The purpose of the exhibition is to motivate other creators to really trust in what they want to build, that New York is a place that will mold us just as a sculptor creates a masterpiece, but it’ll happen only if you truly want it.

You can view more of Esteban's work on his Instagram.

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  1. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    "I switched to film cause I was very tired of the digital way." - Yes it's true! Today I take pictures more carefully, I wonder longer before I press the shutter button on the camera! The film teaches us humility with what we see!

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