Photographer Creates Auto-Agitation Cap for AP Development Tanks


Every photographer who develops their film at home knows the struggle of having to flip the development tank over and over. While it’s undeniable that some love every minute of the whole developing process, it can prove to be quite a chore, especially if you’re processing films on the daily (or if you’re using C-41 chemicals that eat up a lot more time.) That’s exactly what photographer Pablo Zárate had in mind when he invented the Develophead.

The Develophead is a simple and effective tool that can greatly help any home photo lab to make things more efficient. It’s basically a tank cap with a moving rod inside that agitates the chemicals in the bath in a back and forth motion. Zárate also added a knob on the top cap that controls the speed of film agitation. Nifty, right?

Zárate’s invention also has two agitation modes — one that’s constant all throughout and one that agitates the film reels for 60 seconds and then goes into a cycle every 14 seconds. He built his little project using a 5-volt power source that can be easily connected to an external battery or a phone wall charger. He also adds that it can be easily modified to use different power sources. As of now, Zárate states that the Develophead is made for AP development tanks only.

Aside from the fact that this simple contraption can help anyone develop films at home, Pablo also uploaded his film passion project to GitHub — an online open source community — so other DIY enthusiasts can enjoy making their own Develophead. Pablo also encourages everyone who’s interested in his project to add their own improvements to the Develophead, and necessary modifications so it may be used with more kinds of development systems.

Kudos to you, Pablo!

We would like to thank Pablo for supplying us with the updated photos of the Develophead. Information used in this article was sourced from Arduino, PetaPixel, and Pablo Zárate via his YouTube channel.

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