The Wild Honey Pie at Newport Folk Festival

The Wild Honey Pie has made it its mission to discover new bands and artists and share their love for music with the world. They have been doing so since 2009 and have since grown to organize their own musical events and festivals around New York and Los Angeles. We teamed up with The Wild Honey Pie for this year's Newport Folk Festival and gave them a Lomo'Instant Automat to document the festival for us.

Margo Price

Hey y'all, can you introduce yourselves to the magazine?

My name is Eric Weiner and I am the founder of The Wild Honey Pie. We are a music discovery company based in Brooklyn; we produce experiential events, original video content and playlists that help our community of followers discover their next favorite artist. You can find out more about what we do in this article on Fast Company or in the about section of our website.

Phoebe Bridgers

What has been your experience with photography previous to shooting Newport Folk Festival?

When I first started The Wild Honey Pie in 2009 it was just me and my camera. I was a camera operator on video shoots and concert photographer with my trusty DSLR cameras. At this time, most of the content we release as The Wild Honey Pie is shot by other members of our collective but that in no way means I have lost my passion for capturing a genuine moment.

Working with the Lomo'Instant Automat, how'd you enjoy photographing the festival?

I love shooting with the Lomo’Instant Automat. The camera is cute as hell and works like a charm. I was the only photographer in the photo pit with an instant camera but that did not stop me from getting some really interesting shots.

Valerie June

Most festivals can be challenging to photograph, what was your approach to finding the best spots or angles?

It always helps to have access to the photo pit. To find the best shots possible, I get there early, stake out a good spot near the singer and take 4-6 photos per artist. Sometimes I swap out my lenses so I can have some extra diversity in my shots. I really get in and out pretty quickly.

Hamilton Leithauser, Fantastic Negrito, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers

What qualities of instant photography do you enjoy over digital?

Instant photography is an incredible medium. It is nostalgic and gives you so much in return. So often when you take digital photos, those shots end up living online and only online. With a physical photo, you have the perfect excuse to make a photo album. After Newport Folk Festival 2017, we took all out shots and put in a photo album for our editor-in-chief. I also love the organic blemishes you get with instant photos.

Toots and the Maytals

What were some of your favorite moments from the festival?

Newport Folk Festival has been one of my favorite music festivals for the past decade of my life. They continue to book the best lineups and create authentic moment of connection between the artist and crowd. It was exciting as always to see our friends in Lucius on the main stage with their dancers. It was also great to see Moses Sumney, Phoebe Bridgers, Rostam and Caamp on the small Harbor Stage. My number one memory from the festival would have to be the set from The Wild Honey Pie collaborators Tank and the Bangas. They absolutely destroyed the Quad Stage and had everyone in the crowd dancing like no other set at the festival.

LomoAmigos Lucius

Would you return to shooting with the Lomo'Instant Automat?

I would love to. It could be super fun to bring the joy of the Lomo’Instant Automat to Welcome Campers and other festivals around the world. We are certainly sold on the beauty of instant photography and everything that Lomography is doing to move the industry forward.

Jenny Lewis

What advice can you give to photographers shooting festivals?

Festivals can be incredibly overwhelming experiences. Make sure to stay hydrated, bring snacks, bring extra batteries, take advantage of the press tent and meet new people. Apart from the music, the best part of festivals is being surrounded by so many new people who share your passion for music. Talk to them and learn new perspectives. Make new friends and work your butt off to get the shots you need for your publication.

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