First impressions on the Diana Instant Square: Marta Bevacqua

Accustomed to photo shoots centered on fashion and delicate portraits, Paris-based photographer Marta Bevacqua also knows how to be adventurous — just as she did on the Svalbard Islands with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass. Here, she presents a photo series focused on a rather unusual subject: pigeons. For those who live in the French capital, these flying animals have become a norm in the urban landscape. Discover her work done with the Diana Instant Square and hear her first impressions of the camera!

Hello Marta! We are pleased to welcome you once again in the Magazine. What does analogue represent for you?

An experimentation, a challenge. Analogue is more complicated compared to digital, but the results are so much more breathtaking and that it is always worth it to undergo new analogue projects.

The Diana Instant Square that you have tried out is inspired by the iconic Diana camera. Have you used the Diana beforehand?

Yes, a classic Diana. It was years ago, when I experimented with the Holga as well. I always adored both.

Do you like working instantaneously? What was your reaction when you discovered the Diana Instant Square?

Yes, absolutely. I love the emotions you feel when you see the ejected photograph, and discovering the result is always very satisfying. I had a wonderful reaction upon the discovery of the Diana Instant Square, even if I have to admit it isn't always simple to use in certain lightening conditions which are not always of advantage.

In the past, you have produced a series with our Lomo'Instant Square in the Svalbard archipelago. For you, what are the main differences between the Diana Instant Square and the Lomo'Instant Square?

The vignetting of the Diana Instant Square is more pronounced, so you have to give extra attention to the subject, the light, etc. On photos taken more in the shadows, I think the the photos produced by the Diana become more saturated although the Lomo effect remains colorful. In broad daylight or under bright lights, the Diana offers magnificent colors. Honestly, it is difficult to chose between both.

We can find pigeons on most of your images. What story would you like to tell throughout these?

I wanted to tell a story about Paris, but from another perspective. I wanted to explore famous locations but by focusing on an element that are always there but we don't necessarily take into account. In this case, the pigeons.

These little birds are quite fast. What functionality of the Diana Instant Square allowed you to capture their presence most efficiently?

I have not used the flash. To keep this idea of movement, I left the aperture very low (when it was possible) as a means to obtain a clear image of the location.

Do you have any tips in using the Diana Instant Square?

Throw away the first three to four images to test out the camera when you don't have amazing light conditions.

Finally,what are some upcoming projects?

I am working on a video project at the moment.

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