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Adding a hint of gold to any item gives it a premium look and feel. However, this SX-70 Land Camera got the extra special treatment when its whole body (save for a few elements) were plated with 24 karat gold. If that’s not decadence, then we don’t know what is.

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This camera has some serious bling and the seller on eBay knows that. The gilded instant shooter has a hefty price tag of 899 US dollars, almost four times the cost of a regular SX-70 camera in today’s market. Well, who can blame them? After all, this is a gold plated camera we're talking about and the listing says that it was appraised and confirmed by a jeweler. This is definitely a limited edition piece, truly a collector's item.

It is an expensive camera and upon closer inspection, you’d see why. Every nook and cranny of the camera is indeed plated with real gold. One might even mistake it for a gold case when the camera is fully closed. Upon seeing this rare piece, we can’t help but think about other cameras that received the same treatment.

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A quick search on the web led us to another flashy 24-karat gold plated camera being sold in London. This one costs 1,100 British pounds and is described as the “5th rarest Gold Land Camera on Earth.” Unlike the one that triggered our search, this one has a bit of information regarding its provenance.

This particular Land Camera was sequentially numbered with Mildred Scheel’s signature with a corresponding serial of 0649/1000. According to the posting, Mildred was the wife of German President of Federal Republic Walter Scheel, who also happened to be a friend of Andy Warhol. Her husband had friends in the right places and she knew it. Mildred used her husband’s connections to have a thousand units of 24-karat gold plated cameras specially made for her charity’s auction. Each camera had her engraved signature, given a serial number, and was sold on a TV special auction in 1978.

All information used in this article was sourced from Bromfield Camera and Revival Studio London

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