Just Loomis: Scenes Behind the Runway

American fashion photographer Just Loomis was one of the most prominent men behind the camera when it came to runway shows. Known for his fine art style, he was a favorite among fashion media and press such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Lifestyle magazines such as The New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine also sought for his expertise.

Frame 4A-8154, Rome, 1983 © Just Loomis

His monograph published by Hatje Cantz, Just Loomis provides a closer view of the glitz and glamour which go on behind the stage and away from the spotlight. This project was set into motion by Loomis's mentor, Helmut Newton who he had long worked for as an assistant before his own photographic break. This series features an intimate collection of black-and-white editorial style picture which Loomis had snapped backstage in the 80s and 90s.

Ektachrome 1, Paris, 1983; Frame 9A-63679, Paris, 2004 © Just Loomis

The backstage portraits were supposed to portray the beauty and excitement in the life of young runway models: “There is a raw and sensual energy backstage. A feeling happens when the pounding of the music mixes with the physical movement of the models. The girls are transformed into archetypal women. There is an intoxicating thrill of being close to the model when she looks in the mirror and I see into her eyes. I react instinctively.” says Just Loomis.

From Milan, Rome, Paris, to New York, the monograph showcases all of his works with the world’s fashion capitals, plus his developing style of taking fashion photography to the streets of Los Angeles. Loomis' style has a very cinema verite aesthetic, a French style of documentary filmmaking that focuses more on everyday situations and naturalness of actions. Loomis successfully embodied the cinema style into his photography.

Frame 34-2, Milan, 1983; Frame 13A-377, Paris, 2003; Silver Gelatin 1, Milan, 1983 © Just Loomis

Have some of your own fashionable and monochromatic compositions? Share them on your LomoHome. All images used are from the Hatje Cantz press kit.

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