Dialogues with Solitudes — Pensive Portraits by Dave Heath


Dave Heath was an observant photographer. He had a keen eye for moments that would have likely eluded other people, and his portraits of people lost in deep thought show his sensitive side. While they may be considered as nothing more than images, there’s something deeply touching about Heath’s work. One can relate to them and his humanist approach to photography.

© Dave Heath Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery and Stephen Bulger Gallery

Dialogues with Solitudes is an ongoing exhibition at Le BAL in Paris until December 23, 2018. It is the first major exhibition dedicated to the late American photographer’s work. Heath’s photographs are also presented in a dialogue, along with three American cult films from the 60s that tackles the theme of solitude. In addition, a book of the same title will be released soon. It will be co-published by Le BAL and Steidl and authored by Pierre Hourquet.

© Dave Heath Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery and Stephen Bulger Gallery

Humanism is an ever-present ideology in Heath’s work. He had a deep understanding and sensitivity to emotions and feelings, and his photographs reflect that. Heath was able to connect with everyone through the powerful and pensive portraits he took. Those short moments in between daily life wherein you lose yourself in deep thought or memory, that is where Heath found his cue to press the shutter. He was a master of seeking out these moments and he sewed them together to create a powerful yet poignant series of portraits.

All information used in this article was sourced from Le BAL and The Eye of Photography.

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  1. beblo
    beblo ·

    I am 59 years old now. From the 'looks' of the people in the sample photos in this article, "They looked like going through troubled times in their lives."

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