From Los Angeles to Las Vegas with the Diana F+


Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills — it's back in the 80's with Luigi Frajese. With the company of the Diana F+ camera, Luigi spontaneously explored the West Coast cities and went through deserts to cross each destination. He comes back from the trip with photographs that documented the journey. The pictures may look like they were taken straight out of a daydream or a reverie — but these shots are here to remind him that it happened, that he was there to experience those memories. Learn more about his Californian escapade through this interview.

Luigi Frajese & Diana F+, Las Vegas

Welcome Luigi! Could you tell us something about you?

My name is Luigi Frajese and I hold a degree in Industrial Design. I am an image consultant for fashion brands. I am also chief editor of Neomag, a pop-cultural online magazine and last but not least I am an event planner.

When did you embark on the analogue adventure?

I like to experiment every possible photographic medium. I strongly believe that you can take great pictures, even if you're just using your phone. Means do not count the end, what really matters is your perception. Regarding analogue photography, I must say that it has its own unique zest. It catches the fleetingness of action, freezes time, and winks at Lady Luck.

On Neomag you always read of great stories, but this time we want to hear your story: a trip in California with your Diana F+. What was the starting point of it?

I embarked on this adventure with my partner Hugo and one of my best friends Giovanna. We're a weird combo with a perfect synergy. The trip was planned long ago, but many things were left unplanned. Landed in Los Angeles, we traveled to Las Vegas straight away. Such a 'fake' city that winds up being fascinating. Incessant flares coming from the hundreds of slot machines scattered around the city. A lucky place, at least for me. I won $400 gambling very little money. Next stop was the desert. A memorable experience that I will cherish forever. Final destination: Los Angeles. Palm trees, skate parks, a perfect scenario for street photography snaps.

Luigi Frajese & Diana F+, Las Vegas

Was this the first time in the United States?

No, it wasn't. New York was the first city I visited in the States, about ten years ago. I am planning to go back though. I would love to take pictures of New York with my Diana F+.

What were you planning to picture?

There is so much to photograph in California that it is impossible to plan ahead. I used my Reflex camera, my iPhone and obviously my Diana F+. I would have needed a drone, something that I will for sure carry on my next trip.

What did strike you the most?

The endless desert.

Is there any particular anecdote you would like to share?

While we were tackling the desert we pulled over a dirt road, to take some shots. When we tried to turn on the car we suddenly realized that the car was stuck in the sand. We started panicking but luckily Giovanna came up with an idea that allowed us to restart. Survival instinct comes up when you are less expecting it.

What do you like shooting the most and why?

Taking pictures of people. Through their faces, I can find a profound sense of humanity, that just photography is able to picture.

Luigi Frajese & Diana F+, Las Vegas, Santa Monica and Los Angeles

Thanks for sharing your memories with us Luigi! Follow his own publication Neomag on Facebook and Instagram.

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