Gruyère Museum Showcases Marcel Imsand’s Skill and Talent in New Exhibition

A good photographer can make a photograph worthy of admiration, a great photographer can release a torrent of powerful emotion within. Marcel Imsand belonged to the latter. As a photographer, he was able to capture emotions and encapsulate them in his image – one most fitting example was his series titled The Brothers.

© Marcel Imsand

Imsand photographed the Vionnet twins of Vaulruz, Louis and Emile. Each print from his series puts Imsand’s masterful approach to photography on display. He was delicate in picking the frames and yet he was able to take striking images that feel more powerful the more you look at them. The Swiss photographer had a way of using contrast and lighting to make his images stand out. Each image in his series was crafted with great attention to detail. Imsand was a master — his passion still very much alive in his photographs.

© Marcel Imsand

The Gruyère Museum is currently hosting an exhibition that will run until the 6th of January, 2019. Titled Marcel Imsand — The Brothers, the display includes 47 original photos from the series of the same name. Deeply humanist in his treatment of the images, Imsand made sure that his viewers see what he saw — the tender relationship between brothers as they trudge through old age.

All information used in this article was sourced from Gruyère Museum and Le Figaro.

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