Danny Lyon: The American Southwest and Mexico On Display at Etherton Gallery in Tucson


Photo projects take commitment, drive, and passion and veteran photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon shows us exactly that in his ongoing gallery show in Tucson.

©️ Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos, Courtesy Etherton Gallery, Tucson

Over 35 never-before-exhibited photographs of Lyon along with his other works are on display at the Etherton Gallery in Tucson, Arizona. The exhibit titled Danny Lyon: The American Southwest and Mexico will run until the 5th of January 2019 and it’s a documentary work like no other. Lyon took great care in chronicling the lives of the Jaramillo and Sanchez families in New Mexico and the result is nothing short of admirable.

Lyon is considered to be a pioneer of “New Journalism” — a form of documentary work that entails immersion and integration in order to bring out the essence of the story. The photos included in the display are intimate, personal, and a testament to Lyon’s skill as a modern day master lensman.

Rich in experience and learned in the ways and sights of the world, Lyon shares them generously to the world in the form of his photographs. Aside from images from his “New Mexico” series, the gallery also includes a variety of his other work; namely his large-format photographs taken during his 1973 road trip to Mexico with the late writer, Harris Dulany and some early vintage prints of his work.

©️ Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos, Courtesy Etherton Gallery, Tucson

Terry Etherton, the owner of the gallery is more than proud to bring the work of the great documentarist to Tucson. Having worked with Lyon for 37 years, Etherton has this to say about the ongoing exhibit:

“I am excited to bring one of the great documentary photographers and filmmakers of our time to Tucson. Although Danny Lyon’s career began in the 1960s, many of the photographs presented at the gallery remain completely unknown. And many people who are familiar with his photographs do not know his films.”

The photography exhibit included a film screening of Lyon’s 2017 film “Wanderer” last 16th of November 2018, followed by a talk by Lyon along with chief curator Rebecca Senf. The Etherton Gallery also collaborated with the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona to bring Lyon’s documentary to Tucson for its West Coast debut. The film is the fourth in a series of films directed by Lyon. It tells the stories of the Jaramillo and Sanchez families.

All information used in this article was sourced from their press kit. We would like to thank Terry Etherton and Daphne Srinivasan of Etherton Gallery for supplying us with the necessary information. All of the images in this article were used with permission.

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