Artists Express Their LomoLove with La Sardina DIY


In the mood for love? So are we, that's why we asked some of the most talented illustrators from different parts of the world to show their LomoLove by customizing the La Sardina DIY.

© Fernando Cobelo, Mariya Suzuki, Chichi

Starstruck Illustrations by TheSamuraiBun from Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based illustrator TheSamuraiBun is inspired by lyrics, quotes, and movies. It's not surprising, then, that she decided to design the La Sardina DIY after three romantic movies. "The one in yellow is "Chungking Express", the one in blue is the tale of two boys in "Call Me by Your Name", the one in red is the tale of an info cloud and a lonely man in "Her". The geographic coordinate at the back of the camera represents the place where the movie is taken."

© TheSamuraiBun

An Ode to Loving Yourself by Fernando Cobelo from Italy

Fernando Cobelo is a Venezuelan illustrator based in Italy. His playful illustrations express surrealism in clean lines and shapes. Regarding his inspiration for the La Sardina DIY project, he reveals, "The first thing that came to mind wasn’t what we felt towards our boyfriend or girlfriend, a friend or a family, but I thought about the kind of love without which none of this might have existed: the love for yourself."

© Fernando Cobelo

Love in Shibuya by Mariya Suzuki from Japan

Aside from drawing, Tokyo-based illustrator Mariya Suzuki enjoys doing crafty projects such as knitting, cooking, and making a shelf with wood she found herself. For this project, she drew inspiration from Tokyo. "I drew Shibuya street around Valentine's day. The title is "Shibuya. Jan. 2019"."

© Mariya Suzuki

Valentine's Minimalism by Grichsiwa from Thailand

Minimalism is Grichsiwa Choeichom(aka johnnonlens) For the La Sardina DIY, he retained the camera's simplicity while making a bold statement: "As you can see, (my design has) red, pink and white. It can represent both love (rose) and hurt (blood)."

© Grichsiwa Choeichom

Friendship, Love, and Distance by Petra Eriksson from Sweden

Swedish illustrator Petra Eriksson is based in Barcelona, Spain. A self-described introvert, the shy artist says that reading and drawing is a big part of her life, as these tune into her need for solo time. Working with the theme "I'll Wave To You From My Window", she says her chosen design "illustrates friendliness and love from a distance."

© Petra Eriksson

Loving Makes Your Soul Grow by Songlee Park from Korea

Hailing from Korea, illustrator Songlee Park loves working with pastel colors. She wants to console people's pain with her artworks. By creating illustrations and picture fairy tales. When asked about love this is what she had to say: "Loving, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it"

© Songlee Park

Valentine's Greetings by Chichi from Taiwan

Next on the list is Chichi, a writer and illustrator from Taiwan, whose work is usually about love. She loves to share inspirational quotes with her cute style handwriting and illustrations on her social media. They are all about dream and love.

"I wish those with their other half could have a wonderful Valentine's day. Treasure your love, savor the simple days and live every day happily ever after. For those who are still single, before you encounter the significant half, learn to treat yourself right, loving yourself is the beginning of long-lived romance!" – Chichi
© Chichi

From Paris with Love by Ivan Le Pays

Tattoo artist Ivan Le Pays drew inspiration from the city of lights and lovers, Paris. When asked about his approach to photography, this is what he had to say: "To me, photography is a means of freezing a composition that sparked an emotion in one's eye."

© Ivan Le Pays

Love and Flowers by Lisk Feng from China

Award-winning Chinese illustrator Lisk Feng was recently featured on Forbes list's 30 under 30 - Art & Style 2019. Her work on the La Sardina evokes memories of warm summer days spent on open fields or a stroll down a meadow path lined with flowers.

"Flora pattern is always my impression of Valentine’s Day, so I decided to go with an off-set print style on the mat finish camera, to brighten the user’s day! Also at the back, I illustrated a couple reading in red flower, and the back is always facing the user while taking photos, I hope the user can see that little image with a little Valentine’s Day vibe every time. " – Lisk Feng
© Lisk Feng

Thoughts of LomoLove from the USA by Gianni Blass Lee

Gianni Blass Lee is a multidisciplinary visual artist utilizing diverse mediums to examine and explore themes of racial inequality, communication, and technology. His canvas and color choices are a platform for him to express inner-feelings on issues he can’t put into words. Lee’s multimedia work combines materials including painting, drawing, photography, and print. His intricate compositions incorporate colorful skeletal and alien-like subjects used to depict the plight of black people in America. His illustration depicts hope, that love could still be found despite tribulations.

© Gianni Blass Lee

Make your DIY La Sardina as unique as you are. And remember to share your lovely creations in with the hashtags #heylomography and #LaSardinaLove.

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