A Guide to Daytime Lomography


Summertime has begun, and it's the greatest news ever for Lomographers. This means more chances of burning film rolls and experiments on analogue photography compositions! Daytime during the summer means also executing some of our favorite film techniques. Here's how you can take advantage of the summer sun as a Lomographer.

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The One to Rule It All

The sun's up, the sky is blue, and the world is yours, ready for your taking. If you're to spend the entire day for a photo walk, you only need one rule to guide your way -- just remember Sunny16. The summer sun is striking enough to capture whatever your vision may be and a 100 ISO film such as the Lomography Color Negative 100 is just enough. When using the Sunny16 method, your ISO should stay at 100, with the shutter speed between 1/100 to 1/125.

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Dramatic Shadows

The harshness of the sun and the cast of shadows on one's face in portraiture may not be desirable, but you can still get the most out of a sunny afternoon. Take advantage of shooting under the direct sun for more textured and in-depth photographs. Shadows and contrast give a dramatic effect on your subject or scenery. You can also pull off better silhouette shots too.

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All About the Flares

Another advantage of using direct sunlight is the presence of lens flares. With the right composition, your photographs will be flaunting that extra oomph. You can control the shape and size of the flare by adjusting your aperture -- the wider it is, the softer it gets, the narrower it is, the sharper it gets. Try taking photographs of daily life and recreate the nostalgic ambiance with the Diana F+ camera. This is also the perfect time to use color gel filters!

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The Gentle Overcast

Don't let your fun be dampened by a cloudy day -- you can still shoot amazing photographs under this kind of lighting. In fact, the presence of clouds is actually advantageous as they act as a 'softbox', dispersing the sunlight and creating an evener lighting to your surroundings. This means less sharp shadows and contrast. Pretty much you can take photographs of anything under bright overcast skies, just bring a versatile camera with you such as the Lomo LC-A+ due to its wide-range creative control.

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The Perfect Light

Lastly, don't ever forget to get some shots under the golden hour. The simple, diffused golden light being cast before the sunset gives your surroundings that ethereal and otherworldly ambiance. We do think you'll get your best daylight shots during this time of the day, so you better pack up your preferred Lomography Art Lens.

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