All Hands On Deck: Summer Workshops at the Penumbra Foundation


Our friends over at the Penumbra Foundation are staying busy this summer and have a calendar full of amazing workshops for us! Don't miss out on these exciting photographic experiences and get ready to dive deep into the history of photography, learn from professionals and take home unique memories!

The Penumbra Foundation is a non profit organization that brings together the Art and Science of Photography through education, research, outreach, public and residency programs. As part of their program, they have created the Center for Alternative Photography, short CAP, in 2001. CAP is dedicated to teaching historical, emulsion based and alternative photographic processes.

Here are some of our favorite workshops over at the Penumbra Foundation this summer!

Xerox (Electrophotography) with Tom Carpenter

© Tom Carptenter

In this unique workshop participants will be introduced to the camera based Xerox flat plate process, learn about its history, and gain hands-on experience crafting carbon based photographic images. Unlike a modern copy machine the early Xerox process involves photographing (using a large format camera) and processing entirely by hand. Using the flat-plate system all image adjustments and retouching can be done in a light not darkroom!
You will start by making images the same way Chester Carlson first made his breakthrough discovery that was later developed into the Xerographic process. During the workshop you will use 11″ x 14″ Xerox cameras and charging units to develop our photographs. You will also use modifications to the process to transfer images to various papers and surfaces. You will experiment with image manipulation, multiple image transfer and even color. This carbon based process is entirely archival so long as archival papers are used.

June 29, 2019
10 AM - 6 PM

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Digital Negatives with Morgan Post

© Morgan Post

Creating negatives in a digital darkroom has revolutionized the alternative photographic process world where instant edibility and correction can be done in minutes to achieve the perfect negative.
During this introduction to digital negatives, students will learn how to set up the digital darkroom, scanners, printers, input mediums, software and output media. Determining densities will be covered extensively and used with a singular process that can be applied to many more.

July 6-7
Saturday & Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM

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Wet Plate in the Field, Governors Island with Jolene Lupo

© Jolene Lupo

Surrounded by breathtaking views of New York City on historic Governors Island you’ll learn techniques for creating consistent tintypes in the field.
This is a three-day deep dive into the wet plate process, including tips for shooting with natural & artificial light, designing a travel kit, chemistry fundamentals and troubleshooting a variety of common challenges. Throughout the course students will have opportunities to photograph their own compositions and hone their hand-skills.
Students will spend one day learning the wet plate collodion process at Penumbra Foundation, assemble field kits and meet on Governor’s Island for two immersive days of shooting outdoors.

Governors Island, NY
July 13-15, 2019

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Photogravure in Mexico City

© Penumbra Foundation

This is three-day Photogravure collaborative workshop with Zopilote Inc.
Zopilote Inc. was founded by Miguel Ángel Álvarez and Mike Gómez. Their facilities are located in Colonia Santa María la Ribera in Mexico City. At Zopilote, their studio is set up with the ability to produce prints in large formats. They work with plates anywhere between 8x10” and 7’x3’ (yes, seven foot) plates!

August 3-5, 2019
Includes: copper plate (8x10 inches) and 5 prints

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August 10-11: Intro to Wet Plate with Sam Dole

© Penumbra Foundation

In this workshop, Sam takes a comprehensive approach to the collodion process and its effective practice by the modern-day photographer. Its practitioners effectively make their own film through the coating of a metal plate with the collodion substrate, sensitizing it in a solution of silver nitrate, and exposing this plate in-camera while still wet. Hence its commonly known name “wet plate”.
Students will learn how to coat, sensitize, expose, develop, and varnish their own plates over the course of the weekend. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience while learning the theory and fundamentals necessary to apply the process to their own work.

August 10-11
Saturday & Sunday
10 AM - 6 PM

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Make sure to check out the full calendar of workshops at the Penumbra Foundation and follow these amazing people on their Instagram

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