Around the World in Analogue: Aveiro and Coimbra


Lomographer Marko Halas, a.k.a. elmahiko recently took a city-by-city trip in Portugal. Away from the capital and into the cities of Aveiro and Coimbra. Aveiro's a maritime city known for its colorful boats that navigate through the canals, decorated with Noveau architecture, while Coimbra's home to remnants of medieval history through historical buildings, housing the oldest university in Portugal. We find out more about his wandering through his lens.

This May I traveled to Portugal with my sister as she got a scholarship to hold some lectures for a week at the University of Aveiro. I had a lot of time to explore the city alone, so I’ve wandered around the town loaded with two cameras and a bag of film. Aveiro is a small coastal town with a small network of canals and colorful facades which reminds me of Venice. I made a lot of photos of colorfully decorated boats called “malicieros” that were cruising through these canals. Also, beautiful facades made me regret for not bringing more color films as I could photograph almost every house or building there.

I would recommend taking a 15-minute bus ride to the Costa Nova where you can see famous fisherman’s houses painted in bright colored stripes or go to the ocean’s beach and enjoy the waves.

We also took a one day trip to a much bigger city called Coimbra which is about 50km away from Aveiro. Old University is a must-visit place here with stunning architecture, especially when the graduate students are roaming through streets in their “togas” making the scene look like it’s from Harry Potter movie.

If you find yourself in Aveiro don’t miss the traditional food restaurants in “Forum”, mine favorite meal is Francensinha – cheese toast sandwich dipped in tomato sauce with some French fries and some Super Bock beer afterward.

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  1. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Seeing photos of Coimbra brings back good memories. Great city!

  2. tastyredhotburrito
    tastyredhotburrito ·

    Love the contrast of the black and white architectural photos. Great job.

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