Film Fun on All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays in the Community. The day's just full of surprises, and we Lomographers just love that, especially for our analogue routine. Nail the Halloween aesthetic even with your film photography through these easy tips!

Credits: fivedayforecast, adi_totp, neja & minilidia

Phantom Photography

Way back in the late 19th century, there was a trend called spirit photography, in which people truly believe was the type of photography to capture images of ghosts and spirits. Of course, science debunked this for photographers, but many of them took advantage of the double-exposure discovery and exploited it as a business. People truly believe photographers could capture the spirit of the beloved ones who passed away! Gather up your friends and have one dress up as a ghost, then superimpose another exposure with a scared portrait!

Credits: maria_vlachou, oliv0380 & atropaworkshop

Haunted Grunge

Grunge and high contrast make very compelling and dramatic images and we think a trip to the oldest building in your area might just be the perfect place for this tip. Push your film one or two stops as you capture abandoned areas and buildings. Play with chiaroscuro to make normal scenarios more haunting -- this would work well with portraiture too. Having a bit of grain and blur adds an 'old horror cinema' effect to your photographs.

Credits: alexes & discodrew

Obscured by Mist-ery

Make the most out of the autumn mist for Halloween. The ideal time of the day to capture an enigmatic and shrouded landscape is in the early morning. You can also pull your film a bit for a washed-out, olden aesthetic.

Credits: systemdevice, enial, panchoballard, mpdieckmann, pikolon & mell0nc0llie

Graveyard Shift

Another way to create a 'scary' image is to shoot in total darkness (preferably at night) while using your flash as the only source of light. You wonder -- why on earth should you waste a frame or exposure in such an environment? It's the element of surprise that'll give more of an 'authentic' feel to your Halloween photograph! Look at how these images below completely isolate the subject from everything else:

Credits: warning, tomkiddo & kamera-man

Wicked Woodlands

Remember those fairytales told to you as bedtime stories and how there's always an evil witch, wizard or magical creature living in dark forests? Those stories have subconsciously imbued to us to associate the woods as where all the creepy beings and entities reside. How about a quick excursion with your friends to the nearest forest? You'll never know what you might encounter and capture them on your camera!

Credits: clownshoes, piqipeg, robinansell, thegreatgasmaskman & stratski

Have fun shooting, and don't forget to share your Halloween photos by uploading them to your LomoHomes!

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