Too Cold for a LomoWalk? Have Some Film Soup For the Winter!


Winter a bit too cold for a Lomo-Walk? Then how about giving film soup experiments a try? They're fun and will definitely produce unpredictable, bizarre results. If this is your first time to try these tipsters, always proceed with caution. Don't risk a valuable film roll (something you wouldn't want to "destroy" with stains and leaks) and we advise to process the film yourself. Otherwise, please inform your friendly film lab that you have dunked the rolls in soup. Remember that it's important to dry your rolls thoroughly before sending them off so that you won't risk ruining the lab's chemicals or equipment.

Doused in Rainbow by Wendy Laurel

Photographer Wendy Laurel intentionally soaked her film rolls in different acidic baths. The result? Magical photos adorned with light leaks and color stains. She revealed her secrets in this special gallery/tipster.

Credits: wendylaurel

Merging a Roll of Film with Noodle Soup by Polina Washington

Ah, a comforting bowl of noodle soup. Who knew it would be good for your film, too? Experimental artist Polina Washington reveals her secret brew in this video if you have an extra packet of noodles to spare!

Credits: Polina Washington

Let's Cook the Film by Hodachrome

You've probably seen this hodachrome 's amazing photographs, and he has always been kind to share his creative techniques with the community. Have you ever tried his tips? Roll up your sleeves and follow this recipe!

Credits: hodachrome

We'd love to see how your film soup recipes turned out. Share your stories or links to your photos in the comments!


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