Magic in the Mundane: Cameron Hoerth's Photographs of Daily Fleeting Moments


Practice makes perfect, and for Milwaukee based photographer Cameron Hoerth, it took quite a few rolls to get the hang of analog photography. Now with a few years of experience under his belt, and multiple out of focus and underexposed shots later, Cameron has mastered the art of the grain. Photography came to complement his passion for skateboarding, and with his grandfather's Canon A-1, he started documenting his everyday life, transforming the mundane into shots.

The photos in this article have been shot with the Berlin Kino B&W ISO 400 film.

I went out to a local Walgreens and got a roll and shot it in about 10 minutes. I went back and got it developed and they were all out of focus and underexposed. Thus starting me shooting film.

We talked to Cameron about his work photographing his daily life, his preferred gear, and his upcoming projects.

© Cameron Hoerth

Hi Cameron! It's great talking to you. Most of your shots look rather intimate and documenting your everyday life. Why is it important for you to shoot those pictures?

I'm glad that’s your first impression! The main goal I have with photography is that I shoot and document for myself because in the end I’m going to be the one with all these memories and having these photographs will just help me remember how fortunate my life has been thus far.

From the batch you sent us, do you have a favorite picture, and can you tell us the story behind it?

I would have to say the photo of my girlfriend, Erin, in the chair with her cat Rodger along the window ledge. Just like any other day I’m with them, I usually happen to shoot some sort of photo of the two together. It perfectly captures two of the biggest contributors to my happiness right now.

© Cameron Hoerth

In an undeniably digital age, why do you choose to shoot film?

Being present is probably the biggest reason I shoot film.

Over the years shooting film, I’ve become confident enough with my gear that I really don’t need to look and see if I had the correct settings. That's when its really great shooting film.

What makes you hit the shutter?

Not wanting to forget the life I live. Little reminders of why I love my life and the little box that lets me freeze these moments in time forever.

Are those pictures going to be part of a bigger project? If so, could you describe that project for us?

A few of them will be! The project I’m working on at the moment is called ‘Hello Euphoria’ which is an ongoing photographic essay on the mundane and trivial moments of the day to day life. I think people forget about these moments that make up a normal day and to some extent, they usually have some significance.

© Cameron Hoerth

Do you have a favorite type of film and format? What about gear, and why?

Ilford HP5 400 anywhere from box speed pushed to 1600 ASA. I must say though the photographs in this interview were shot on Lomography’s Berlin Kino 400 and I absolutely love the light grey tones you get from this film when shot at 200 ASA. Gear wise I have my one 35mm and that’s a Leica M6 with a 28mm and 40mm! Being fortunate enough to own a Leica, I believe it's just so small and simple that it allows me to focus on capturing the moment and not having to worry about the gear.

© Cameron Hoerth

Is an artist or photographer inspiring you in particular at this moment?

Ed Templeton has been a favorite of mine since I started skateboarding. From his skateboarding to his photographs and painting I find everything he does inspire. Locally (Milwaukee, WI ) though I have to say my two friends Jose Morales and Nathanial Schmidt. They are both doing something so unique its pushed me to think inwardly about what I could do differently with my photography

To follow more of Cameron's work, head out to his Instagram and website.

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    Inspiring work

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    Nice photo, grat tones. Love hte use of available light.

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