Wandering Wide: Ennuh Tiu's Endless Panoramas of Europe with the LC-Wide

Here's a little something to get our mind off things during these trying times. LomoAmigo Ennuh Tiu is back with another series of beautiful photos. Ennuh took these photographs with the LC-Wide during her trip to Europe and all we can say is that they make us want to get over this crisis so we can also create images again.

Wandering wide in Europe with the LC-Wide © Ennuh Tiu

Ennuh always aims to inspire with her photography and we feel her presence more so during difficult and pressing times. In moments of uncertainty, we can rely on photographs to bring a smile on our faces with every beautiful coincidence captured on film. These photographs were taken using the "endless panorama" technique with the LC-Wide. Instead of putting on the required mask for the LC-Wide's different formats, Ennuh took it out to create a series free-flowing of photographs. While some blend in together and others provide contrast, these photos show us just how beauty can be found by those who seek it.

Wandering wide in Europe with the LC-Wide © Ennuh Tiu

We can all go through this if we work together. Stay home, stay safe. We'll soon get to take vibrant photos as Ennuh did as soon as we could go out and travel again.

We would like to thank Ennuh for letting us feature her photographs in the Magazine.

written by cheeo on 2020-04-25 #gear #people #places #europe #lomoamigo #lc-wide #ennuh-tiu

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