At Home With Lomography: Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning brings to mind unearthing memories and tokens you've forgotten in a while. It also leads to discovering random knick-knacks and rejected photos you're likely to toss out. Hold that thought — you might find them useful for creating some projects at home.

Credits: ginnys & eumycota

DIY: Collage

Here's a list of tips that you might want to try — if you're thinking of starting a new project or if you're unsure what to do with all the physical prints in your drawer.

For One Object Challenge, you can choose an object from your home to focus on, especially if it's situated near sunlight. Some ideas: a flower vase, a favorite reading chair, a cat who frequents the daybed for a nap. Take pictures at different times of the day — the ever-changing lighting will change how you look at your subject, too. The Hockney-style Collage works two ways: it's a fun idea if you're thinking of starting a new project; or, if you have some photo prints, you can also arrange them in a collage to form a story.

Credits: arthursoptic, soles, liangdu & markkobelinski

DIY: A Slide Show

Proceed with this tip if you have a handyman in your household or you're experienced enough to use some tools! Community member speedintheabsenceoflight shows a clever way to show off your slide photos by making a Slidelight. Check it out!

Credits: speedintheabsenceoflight

Pinhole Movement

In part 1 of our At Home With Lomography series, we suggested making your own pinhole camera. Now is a good time to use it. Place the pinhole camera somewhere steady and let it capture your movements as you do your chores

Credits: tattso & npkishi

DIY: Color Filter

Maybe you have some arts and crafts supplies you haven't used in a while? You can make your own color filter to tint your photos. Community member dainy shows us how in this tipster. See how it's done!

Credits: kokorotaro, achmad-magabutz & zekalinova

What have you been up to lately? If you have any tips to share, post them in the comments box below!


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