Creating Lomo'Instant Holiday Lockdown Snaps with Moka Sheungyan

Many outdoor activities and travel plans were put on hold, but this did not keep artist and photographer Moka Sheungyan from making her souvenir holiday photos. Using her Lomo'Instant cameras, some art pens, and a dose of fun, she reimagined her indoor snapshots as travel snaps!

Credits: Moka Sheungyan


Aside from your Lomo'Instant camera (make sure it's loaded with film), you need the following items:

  • markers
  • correction pen or acrylic paint
  • props or holiday outfits
  • your imagination!

Ready? Check out the step-by-step below!

1. Gather your holiday outfits and have your camera ready.

2. Take Selfies of you dressed up in your favorite summer attire by your window or the sunniest part of your flat, or photograph your favorite summer brunch!

Credits: Moka Sheungyan

3. Now comes the fun part! Use the correction pen (or white acrylic paint) to cover the background. With the marker, draw your favorite summer backdrop.

Credits: Moka Sheungyan

4. Add detail using the colored markers.

Credits: Moka Sheungyan

5. Done! The perfect holiday photo!

The Results

For inspiration, here are Moka's customized instant photos!

Credits: Moka Sheungyan

Thank you, Moka for this awesome tipster! Get your own Lomo'Instant from our online shop, and load up on film too!


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