Two Point, Oh: a Zine by Sadie Bailey

Personal projects will always have a special place in any photographer's heart. No quotas, no pressure. Just plain expression of the soul. Sadie Bailey brings us a follow-up to her zine Sorry, You're Not on the Itinerary which she released a year ago. It's still in monochrome, shot while on the road, and is still very much close to her heart.

Two Point, Oh © Sadie Bailey

Sadie shows a different side to her film photography work with her new zine "Two Point, Oh". While it shares the same dusty and gritty atmosphere with "Itinerary", it's a different journey altogether. A little bit wiser, Sadie has broken in her boots with the many experiences she'd picked up in the past year and it shows in her photographs. Her frames now look calmer and more deliberate. Like a documentary of sorts, "Two Point, Oh" gives us another view of the famed Joshua Tree through the eyes of a young creative and artist who's making her way through the world.

Welcome back to the Magazine, Sadie! How have you been?

It’s a pleasure to be back! Thank you for having me. I’ve been good. Probably better than I’ve ever been, although I’m too stubborn to admit that.

Two Point, Oh © Sadie Bailey

Thanks for giving us a heads up about your new zine. What is it about?

‘Two Point, Oh’ is based in Joshua Tree and showcases a three-day trip I took last March with Sam Cashmore and two of our friends. It was our first time going to the California desert and we were all very much infatuated by how unique and quirky that little town is. I actually went back to Joshua Tree at the start of 2020 with my friend Erin and found it to be just as interesting and weird as before. It’s like a time-warp. It blows my mind how close it is to Los Angeles yet how different it is. The majority of the trip was focused around the Noah Purifoy outdoor museum.

How is it different from your previous zine, Itinerary?

‘Sorry You’re Not on the Itinerary’ was a much more expansive trip. We went to Yosemite, San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and all the little towns in between. That trip was definitely much more skate-orientated whereas Joshua Tree only has one little skate park. ‘Two Point, Oh’ is more-so a continuation of my previous project, having been photographed in the same style with the same mindset.

What was the most memorable thing that happened while you were shooting for the zine?

It’s hard to pinpoint the “most” memorable thing. The whole trip was memorable. We left Los Angeles at like 9 PM and got to Joshua Tree around midnight the first night. My friend knew someone who actually lives out there, so thankfully we were able to crash there. But by 'crash', I mean literally crash. We were all sleeping on the floor of a room with no furniture, and much like our previous trip, we were definitely ill-prepared. It made for an interesting dynamic. I think that being able to adventure out and embark on such unusual experiences with the people I care so dearly about is one of the greatest gifts we can receive in life. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of beer and a lot of photographs taken.

We would like to thank Sadie for letting us feature her work on the Magazine.

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