Song-E: Painting Pastels on the Lomo’Instant Mini Song’s Palette Edition

After designing and fashioning the La Sardina, South Korean artist Park Song Lee, a.k.a. Song-E continues her artistic journey as she now paints her signature pastel-pop hues on the Lomo’Instant Mini Palette Edition.

Photos by Song-E

Hello Song-E! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, Lomography readers! I'm Park Song Lee, a painter. I still remember sharing with you all the romantic design of the La Sardina camera I made last year on Valentine's day. And I'm happy to see you again. I can't help but love analogue cameras because I always insist on doing things manually or as you say it, “in an analogue style” instead of digitalizing everything. Every creation from hand is made out of love. In the last interview, I told the Lomographers, ”With love, whether you do something well or not, will grow your soul”, and I still think the same.

You have a very unique way of expressing yourself. Is there a reason for this?

I like soft, warm, and dry tools that allow me to add some texture. I use colored pencils, oil pastels, marker pens, and crayons to create this feeling. Once you have decided on the subject you want to draw, the material is buried on the paper according to the moment's emotion. This is without a clear plan.

Strangely, when you follow the flow of your emotions you get a much better result than if you had planned everything. When colored pencils and oil pastels slide together, you feel a strange pleasure. I work with colored pencils for characters and markers for landscapes. In the cast of characters, I also use markers and pencils to capture moments. There's no clear boundary. It's different every time I use the two methods.

Photos by Song-E

Some time ago, I have heard that the colors I often like to use symbolize my identity. So I tried to reflect on that statement myself when I started using pink, but I failed. The color I use seems to be a part of the thoughts and values in my mind, not an intentional choice. I realized that the small but bright and positive energy given by color can be of great comfort and happiness for someone. I hope my pastel-colored work on paper of lines and shapes can give a small consolation.

What's the inspiration for this Palette Edition ?

When I paint, I get crayons and colored pencils scattered all over my work table, paper, and my hands. These colorful shades scattered around my surroundings give as much inspiration as the completed painting. It's just like the painter’s messy, dirty palette full of colors. A camera is also a machine that records the colors of the moment, right? Then I thought how nice it would be if the main body of the camera looked like my work palette. And this edition is just my own pattern of camera that comes from such an idea.

Photos by Song-E

Could you share your ideas for this design?

I wanted to bring all the colors that would come out of my paintings. Just looking at the camera makes you feel like you can record all the beautiful colors in the world. Carry it with you every day and try to capture pastel-colored subjects. What a precious memory will be made!

Do you have any plans for this year?

There are a lot of interesting things to do as a painter this year. I am working on album covers of great artists (musicians), and working hard on portrait painting classes online and offline. My artwork will also be visible in many other media so please keep an eye on my progress with your beautiful heart and eyes.

Photos by Song-E

For more of Song-E’s art, visit her Instagram.

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