Get Tiffany Blue with Cross Processed LomoChrome Purple


Normally, LomoChrome Purple film can come out with fantastic purple-toned photos. However, our beloved Hong Kong team member Sherry, a fan of experimental photography, decided to do things differently. Inspired by the usual cross processing of slide film with C-41 chemicals, she decided to process her roll of LomoChrome Purple film with E-6 or slide film chemicals!

Credits: keepyourselfinblue
To be honest, I've never tried C-41 to E6 cross processing, but one time I found @roomdickson shared his cross-processed LomoChrome Purple that came up with pretty Tiffany Blue color, then I decided to try it for myself.
Credits: keepyourselfinblue
Before I had no idea about how to set my camera, but luckily I got bits of advice from our local lab Megatoni Production, where I used to develop my film. The method is quite simple, that is, reduce your ISO, treat your film as an expired one. With the setting of ISO 400, the hue will be bluish, and mint green with ISO 100 under strong sunshine.
Credits: keepyourselfinblue

Thank you, Sherry! To check out more of Sherry's work, please follow her LomoHome and Instagram. Lomographers, it is time to show your creativity!

written by joycelau21 on 2020-05-16 #gear #tutorials

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