Community Introductions: Kleeblatt


Behind the name kleeblatt is the hobby photographer, baker, sportswoman, mother, mountain friend, coffee drinker, and flower lover Kerstin from the Sauerland, Germany. In her LomoHome she shares colorful and experimental snapshots of her adventures.

"At 18, I was the proud owner of my first SLR, a Minolta X-700 which I photographed with for years."
Credits: kleeblatt

Even Kerstin could not escape the novel charm of the emerging digital photography, but the analogue cameras remained in her repertoire for portraits and B&W photography. She also discovered the self-development of B&W films and later on stumbled upon Lomography.

"Well... and then I read about the 360° Spinner somewhere. That's how the enthusiasm for my rediscovered love for analogue photography started."

Since then she has developed into a true Lomographer!

"My collection of lomographic cameras includes Holgas, Dianas and Sprocket Rockets in many different colors, a Horizon Perfekt, LC-Wide, LC-A, Lubitel, Spinner 360°... I would have to rummage in the closet to list them all."
Credits: kleeblatt

Kerstin's current favorite motifs testify to a longing for summer and nature.

"At the moment I like to take pictures in and around the house. Around the house there are a lot of flowers, you just have to go out and start. I've especially fallen for the inconspicuous little flowers like daisies. My Holga is my first choice of camera. With the great Holga attachment lenses, you can take great close-ups."
Credits: kleeblatt

She also gets her inspiration from the LomoCommunity, for example from pearlgirl77 "I love her pictures! They are not only well photographed but have a lot of charm."

But Kerstin also captures her love of food, cooking, and baking in analogue form.

"Whether it's a cinnamon bun or a carrot... every food is great and is suitable as a motif."
Credits: kleeblatt

About the Community Kerstin says:

"I've been in the Lomo community for several years now and what I always notice is that I haven't read a bad word here yet. Not even close. This is really quite beautiful."
Credits: kleeblatt

Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere in our community from the Lomography team as well and thanks to all of you who share your analogue adventures with us!

Many thanks to Kerstin for the wonderful Photographs and her kind words! Have a look at her LomoHome and leave some love!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2020-05-23

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