Testing Out the Petzval 58 at One Moto: a Photo Story by Trevor Ryan


No, you're not dreaming. These really are shots of custom bikes taken with the Lomography Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens. What was originally designed to be a portrait lens was actually used to capture these badass machines in all their high polished chrome and candy-painted glory.

© Trevor Ryan

This is the work of the skilled and talented photographer, Trevor Yale Ryan. We featured the work of Trevor some time ago and we can't seem to get enough of his style and artistic talent. In this photo gallery, he shows us how he used the Petzval 58 to incorporate the swirly bokeh effect into motorcycle photography. The machines on display are already beautiful on their own – designed and carefully worked on by skilled mechanics and builders – but the extra creative effects of the Petzval 58 lens made the photos stand out even more.

© Trevor Ryan

Trevor admits that it took him some time to get the quality of photos he wanted but with a little bit of tweaking and some sample shots, he finally go the Petzval 58 to work the way he wanted it to. Instead of capturing whole shots of the machines in display, he focused on the little details and that made all the difference. Gearhead or not, you will really appreciate the amount of work poured into the bike builds featured at the show. Every part in its rightful place and Trevor was there to bring those details to life with a little flair from the Petzval 58.

© Trevor Ryan

Aside from the beautiful photos from the One Moto Show, Trevor also took some sweet photos during his free time with the Petzval, further experimenting with its different settings and effects. Of course, it wouldn't be a gallery from Trevor if it didn't include car shots worthy of a magazine feature. Clean, crisp, creative. Trevor really knows how to pick his shots.

© Trevor Ryan

Trevor Yale Ryan is a writer and photographer for Speedhunters. His article, Old School Photography Feels at One Moto, was published last March 2020. If you're interested in his work, you can see more of it on his Instagram account and on his Speedhunters author page where he continues to provide awesome content.

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