A Lomographer's Visual Diary of the Chile Protests 2019-2020

Lomographer Macarena a.k.a. cucoanalogo shares to us her extensive photographic, analogue journal during the uprising in Santiago, Chile since last year.

Credits: cucoanalogo

The 2019-2020 Chile Protests event is a series of civil protests which took place all across the country as a response to the rise of the Santiago Metro's subway fare, the rising cost of living, privatization, and inequality in all aspects that have been prevalent in the country.

The entire series captures not only the realtime happenings of the protests but as well as plenty of protest street art and graffiti found in Santiago. Macarena used various films for the series -- from the reliable Lomography Color Negative 400 35 mm, Lomography Color Negative 800, black and white film and the ultra-blue Kono Donau film.

Credits: cucoanalogo

Macarena was also there to capture the #8M2020 movement, the massive women demonstration in Chile as more than a million of women came out to demand their equal rights. The event was so massive that it became historical. The photographer used the Lomography Color Negative films for night photography, being able to rely on the film's capability to capture details even with a tiny light source.

Meanwhile, the black and white photographs are views from the sidelines of the protests – away from the noise of the common crowd and near eyecatching sights during the protests.

Credits: cucoanalogo

For more of her works, visit her LomoHome.

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