Endless, Golden: a Photo Gallery by @pcxasb

One year ago, did you ever think that you'd be in this exact same place, in the exact same conditions? No? That's okay. No one did.

Credits: pcxasb

Life has its ways of throwing us curve balls and what we're experiencing now is probably just one of the many we're still going to have to face in the future. However, no matter what happens, time will always heal and bring things to where they're supposed to be. Including you. Time endures and the sand in life's big hourglass will continue to pour and bring us to our next destination. Community member @pcxasb brings us this soothing album shot in the golden dunes of Saudi Arabia and it's a gentle reminder to relax and let things run its course. We are all just travelers in this vast world and it's a comfort to know that the chaos we're dealing with now will someday have pass through the hourglass to welcome a more beautiful tomorrow.

Credits: pcxasb

We would like to thank @pcxasb for letting us feature his work in the Magazine. Be sure to drop by his Lomohome to see more of his photos!

written by cheeo on 2020-09-07 #places #desert #gallery #sand #saudia-arabia #pcxasb

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