Smaller Is Better – 110 Format Photographs by Zorki

Daniel, aka Zorki likes to take photos on film and the 110 mini film is a favorite of the german photographer. For eight years Daniel has been sharing his analogue escapades in his LomoHome and it was the LomoCommunity that aroused his interest in 110 Film as well. We talked to him about analogue mini-photos and show his wonderful mini-shots, which were taken on Lomography Tiger 110 and Lomography Lobster Redscale 110.

© Zorki

Hello Daniel, and welcome to LomoMagazine! Can you tell us a little bit about your journey with analog photography?

Despite my young age, I am still an "analogue native" and have been taking pictures on film since I went to school. Sometime in the late 90s, I started with my mom's camera (a Revue 350 FM). Later, I got my own Nikon F55 and took a lot of pictures with it. After that, there was a digital phase.
I experienced a real new start in 2012 with the registration in the LomoCommunity. The first cameras I took pictures with were the Zenit 11 and a Canon A1. Later the Lomo LC-A+ and some other cameras were added. I tried all kinds of things and learned a lot since then.

© Zorki

You like to take pictures in 110-format, that is not necessarily the standard – how did you start and what do you like most about the tiny pictures?

I found the film format interesting and wanted to try it out. The films from Lomography brought this film format back to life. I also liked many pictures of other members. Because of the frames around each photo, the format has its own charm, similar to Polaroids. The visual effect of photos in 110-format has something nostalgic about it. Therefore I was simply curious. In addition, most of the cameras for the 110-format are very cheap.

© Zorki

Do you have a different approach/choice of motif when shooting in mini format? What do you pay special attention to?

Rule No. 5 of the Ten Golden Rules from Lomography is always important to me, but here again, it is especially important. The 110 format is quite small. So it makes sense to use the entire image format and get as close as possible to the subject. On the other hand, I like to use the mini format for landscapes. But always make sure that the light is good, otherwise, the pictures quickly become too dark.

© Zorki

In addition, the 110 cameras are usually really tiny and are ideal as a camera that is always with you. Good snapshots are therefore no problem. All in all, the 110 format also fits the rule 6 "Don't think" very well. This starts with the quick and uncomplicated film loading (open the flap, insert the film cassette, close the flap, ratchet, done!) and continues with the super easy handling of the camera.

Do you have a favorite photo in 110-format? Why do you like it so much?

Credits: zorki

Everything is just right here. I got beautifully close, good light, rich colors and a pleasant feeling of summer.

Last but not least: Do you have some inspiring words/tips for our readers?

Again and again I am asked where I have the 110 films developed. I also read this question often in other forums. Apparently many people are unsure about this. I have the color films developed by Rossmann as any other film in a large laboratory. So far it has always worked for me without extra charge, but it takes a little longer than with normal 35mm film. If that should not work, you would get the film back undeveloped. Apart from that there is the Lomolab or other specialized laboratories. I make the scans myself at home with the help of my Digitaliza. Just try it out and have fun!

Many thanks to Daniel, for the wonderful photographs and his thoughts on 110 Minifilm! Check out his LomoHome and leave a little love there!
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