All Corners of Scotland with Hannah Bailey and the Simple Use Analogue Aqua


Award-winning photographer Hannah Bailey is no stranger to the great outdoors. She is a passionate storyteller who has travelled the world shooting sporting events and documenting female skateboarding communities. Her passion for seeking out the lesser-known corners of culture has resulted in a body of work that is both vibrant and fascinating in equal measure. We sent her the Simple Use Analogue Aqua camera and set her the challenge of shooting from her home country of Scotland.

Hannah used this camera just as lockdown started easing and told us a bit about where she decided to shoot.

" I have been obsessed with shooting with the Analogue Aqua for months now. I am lucky to live in Scotland, with so much nature to play in and shoot, plus the light here is luminous like no other! I took the analogue underwater camera to all sides of the compass of Scotland. I dunked it in Loch Morlich in the Cairngorms National Park, took it to a beach on Jura an island on the West coast, plunged it in the Linn of Dee in the East, and it made it all the way to Torrisdale beach by Skerray on the very north. All this in a roll of 36!"

Hannah's experience during lockdown has helped her see the finer details in life, which we can all relate to in some way. She has become more aware of her surroundings and in particular how the water changes in each passing hour of the day. She shared with us her experiences shooting the lakes and lochs using the Simple Use Analogue Aqua.

" I love to shoot 35mm - every roll, in fact, every frame is unique. I was curious to see how a simple use film camera would do capturing something as complex as the water, and I was amazed. It was really easy to use, and look through the viewfinder (especially if you were under the freshwater and could keep your eyes open!). My favourite type of shot to take is on the surface, where it captures between the land and water - this is a challenging place for all camera's as the light is so varied and the focus disturbed, but the camera did really well at not only capturing it, but adding the grain, and the colour of the film that we analogue obsessed love..."

To see more of Hannah's work visit her website and Instagram page.

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