Satoru Taguchi's Vision and the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Challenger Edition

Japanese designer and professional skateboarder Satoru Taguchi loves to illustrate design that resonates within the competitively trendy culture of Harajuku, manifested in his brand Challenger. Now, Satoru gets to refashion Lomography's signature reloadable film camera with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Challenger Edition. Preloaded with the LomoChrome Purple film, Satoru designed the Challenger Edition with a philosophical commentary on the human condition, contrasting his fun and popping graffiti. Let's get to know Satoru's philosophy behind the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Challenger Edition in this interview.

Photos: Challenger Team (JP)

When did you start your photographic journey? How did you come across Lomography?

I started to shoot photos when I was 20. I shot people skateboarding with the Canon EOS1 in the beginning. At that time, I also found the LC-A at the bookstore somewhere and started shooting with it.

When do mostly shoot photos?

I often shoot when I travel. I shoot sceneries which I feel are cool or stories which I want to remember. And I like to review those photos after a while.

What camera do you usually use for your routine?

I use a 1950’s Leica and Lomography cameras, especially the LC-A.

Photos: Challenger Team (JP)

You've done several artistic collaborations already. How does collaboration with other brands start? Do you choose who you collaborate with or other brands bring it to you?

We get collaboration ideas from our daily life, like hanging out with companions. We don’t plan a collaboration through desk meetings like corporate set-ups. It comes out when we find something fun to make.

Since you need to make many moves in one second,  making tricks in skateboarding is really difficult. If you want to make the trick, you need to close your eyes and imagine it in your mind precisely. If you can’t imagine the trick in your mind, you are sure to fail to make it. I think there are strong connections between imaging skateboarding tricks and imaging what to draw (design process).    

Photos: Mary with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera loaded with LomoChrome Purple film

Please let us know the details and concept of the design in this new collaboration camera with Lomography.

The parrot has a human’s hand and is looking at it. It symbolizes how greedy we humans can be when we dream of having wings and flying away into the sky. Do parrots really want human hands? On the contrary! We should all just be ourselves and love ordinary days.

How would you describe “skateboarding” in your life? Does it affect your design style?

I started skateboarding when I was in elementary school back in the '80s. The graffiti on the back of the skateboard's deck was so cool that it inspired me. I imitated it and drew it in the same style as well. It must be the origin of my design career. 

Photos: Challenger Team (JP)

When and why did you start Challenger?

I founded Challenger in 2009 to spread cultures that we love to the world.

How does the Lomographic aesthetic and style fit Challenger?

I produce products because there are people who become happy and positive in daily life by wearing CHALLENGER apparel... and Lomography does the same thing for people. 

Photos: Challenger Team (JP)

Where does your design inspiration come from?

Design ideas come up with my mind through the motion of my emotions, like sadness, anger, pleasure, and fun. I think the brain works in the same way when I feel emotional moves and when I design. So I don’t feel the urge to design when I do monotonous tasks like bookkeeping. If I need to design when I am not in the mood, I listen to music to change it.    

Photos: Challenger Team (JP)

Thanks for sharing your creative process for the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Challenger Edition, Satoru! Visit the Challenger shop for Satoru's designs and collection here. Follow him on his Instagram or drop by his website for updates.

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