Rolling Fisheye No. 2 – by Michael Witzemann

Michael has been regularly strapping rollers to his feet since 2009 and has some unique tricks up his sleeve. Photography and video play an important role to network with other athletes and share tricks or get inspired. But photography was soon no longer limited to sports, but also crept into everyday life.

"When I'm on the road, I sometimes stop in the most inappropriate places because a subject catches my eye. Photography thus gives you the opportunity to constantly perceive your surroundings more precisely and intensively."
© Michael Witzemann

From there, analog experiments weren't a far leap.

"Like many, I started digitally. It simply leaves a lot of room for mistakes or is at least a way to keep the mistakes small. With analog photography, every shot is a certain risk, everything has to be considered before the shutter is released. Especially that moment, when you see your experiments for the first time after development, is always exciting.
© Michael Witzemann | Witze: Ao Topsoul

We gave Michael our Fisheye No. 2 for some circular experiments - the resulting snapshots give unique insights into a breakneck world on wheels. The extraordinary fisheye lens not only gives the photos a very unique look but also inspired Michael to explore new subjects and perspectives.

"Especially when rollerblading the Fisheye Lens is an interesting accessory. It influences the way you approach your subject. Above all, you are forced to stand close to the scene of the action, so the subjects often feel more 'active' than in normal Fotos. [...] Of course, the images that are created here are completely different from the ones I usually choose - I'm glad about that, too. Every opportunity to try something new should be considered a gift."
© Michael Witzemann | Fabi : Wolurt Hop & Mari : Hurricane Topsoul

In addition to the old-school vibe that the Fisheye No. 2 lends to the photos, Michael especially enjoyed taking pictures in the center of the action and thus exploring situations that one normally doesn't get into behind the camera. He advises those who would like to experiment with the Fisheye No. 2 as well:

© Michael Witzemann | Witze: Slackline & Brian : Backslide
"The fun of photography is in the foreground. Try everything that comes into your mind. And with the fisheye - the closer you get to the action, the better the shot!"
© Michael Witzemann | Stefan mit Kendama & Witze mit Slackline | Witze: Soyale & Langzeitbelichtung | Stefan : Halfcab Flyingfish

Many thanks to Michael, for the wonderful insights. Follow him on Instagram not to miss any of his rolling adventures!
Many thanks also to Fabi, Mari, Brian and Stefan <3

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2020-11-21 #gear #culture #people

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