Around the World in Analogue: Scenic Dar es-Salaam

Dar es-Salaam is the former capital and largest city of Tanzania, and expectedly the hub for culture, media, and finance. Despite its urban flair, the city just sits beside the Indian Ocean — a natural home to many beaches and marine reservoirs. Catch photographer Rob Hauer shares his quick yet sweet entry of the city taken with the Lomography Color Negative 400 and Kodak Portra 400.

Traveling to Africa has given me this sense of freedom amidst the chaos. There is a pureness to the land and honesty in the faces I photograph that I hope rings true in these images.

The pictures from Tanzania were taken in late August of this year, 2020. I went to Dar Es Salaam because I work as a cinematographer and was hired to shoot a few commercials there. I usually bring a film camera along during my travels. 

Dar is a very cool area to visit. It is right on the Indian Ocean, the city has this sea breeze and vibrant culture with welcoming locals. The food was tasty and fresh. Lots of local seafood in Dar Es Salaam. Also, some good Indian food, which was a memorable meal with my director and producer. 

I enjoyed shooting photos in many spaces but probably more important than the space was the time of day or light I could find in each situation. We were up early most mornings so I really enjoyed the light at sunrise. 

Fondest memory was probably my last day walking out across the sandbar at low tide in front of my hotel. The tide receded quite a bit and I enjoyed my morning before heading back on some long flights to see my family. It was the one moment I didn't have my film camera on me though, and wish I had. Those traveling to Africa should just be respectful and patient. Things are fast-moving but slow and chaotic all at the same time. Just go in with flexibility. 

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