[NSFW] The Female Gaze with LomoChrome Metropolis and Babylon Kino – by Maria Kotylevskaja


The photographer Maria Kotylevskaja from Berlin is not only inspired by nature and female bodies, but she also wants to change our view of the female body. The series that is created in the process is soon to be summarized in a photo book and of course our LomoFilms should not be missing. She shares a part of the series, which was created on LomoChrome Metropolis and Babylon Kino Film, and her thoughts about the Photos in this article.

© Maria Kotylevskaja

For three years I have been working on a series in which I portray women in the nude in nature. The topic is especially close to my heart because particularly in nude photography you still see far too seldom the 'female gaze' – the female view of the feminine body. In general, I think it is problematic that in our society a naked woman is always seen in a sexual context. For me, it is above all an expression of freedom and naturality!

© Maria Kotylevskaja

This expression of freedom and naturality I hope to represent in my images. I like it pure, without a lot of make-up, I don't touch up the photos afterward and depict the female body in its individual beauty.

As I remembered the analogue pictures after shooting the most, I had the idea to summarize a selection of my film shots in a book.

© Maria Kotylevskaja

In January I want to finish the series and concentrate on the selection of the pictures. Unlike here I don't want to show whole sets, but only my favorite pictures in the mix. Therefore the plan was to use as many different films as possible to have a variety of colors and contrasts in the book. Of course, the Lomo films had to be part of it!

© Maria Kotylevskaja

I was especially excited about the Babylon Kino Film! Before this year I only took very few black and white shots and sometimes I have trouble with the color loss in a scene – I don't fall in love with these photographs easily. Besides, I have never taken pictures with ISO 13 before.

All the more I love the results, the contrast and the fineness of the film! There is something very magical about the pictures and especially in direct sunlight, you don't have to be afraid of the low ISO!

© Maria Kotylevskaja

Taking pictures in nature is especially exciting for me. You have no control over the light because every passing cloud changes the situation and you can't force an unforgettable sunset. Everything is changing: every month, even every new week, the same spot looks completely different.

© Maria Kotylevskaja

You have to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to the circumstances. That's why I prefer to photograph with films that are more forgiving of a wrong setting or that allow me to deliberately over or underexpose to create a specific mood. Whether in direct sunlight, in dim light at sunset, or in backlight, with a roll of Lomochrome Metropolis you're always perfectly set up. I think the colors work especially well with green and yellow tones and contribute to a mystical look.

© Maria Kotylevskaja

Many thanks to Maria for the wonderful photographs! Follow her on Instagram, check out her website and keep an eye out not to miss any of Maria's creations and especially her photo book!
Many thanks also to the models Albina, Vesta and Elli

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