Welcoming 2021 - a Photo Gallery by @robertofiuza


It's comforting to see that the world continues to go on as we all get back up on our feet after the pandemic hit us last year. You can just imagine how glad we were to see that members of our analogue community continue to share photos of the new normal from their point-of-view.

Credits: robertofiuza

These photos from community member @robertofiuza make us want to be more hopeful that the better days are just waiting in the corner. The vibrant colors, beautiful composition, and gleeful vibe make for a beautiful photo album. Here's to hoping that we get to see more smiles in the future and hopefully, we get to share those smiles without the masks we've been wearing for so long now.

Credits: robertofiuza

We would like to thank @robertofiuza for sharing their photos with everyone in the community. More photos from their trip to Leiria, Portugal can be found in this album.

written by cheeo on 2021-03-12 #people #places #gallery #portugal #robertofiuza #2021

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