Colorful Street Snaps: First Impressions of the Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Lens with Jatupatee

There are boundless perspectives to take when it comes to street photography, for even just the tiniest detail can change and spin another story. We invited street photographer Jatuporn Pateepaparnee a.k.a. Jatupatee to try out our Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Lens that launched on Kickstarter. Let's see more of Jatupatee's vibrant and colorful work with the Atoll lens and his initial thoughts on working with the ultra-wide lens.

Hello Jatupatee! please introduce yourself to our community.

Hello, my name is Te Jatuporn.

How are you and what have you been doing lately?

Mainly I'm working on videos, graphic design, and also take photos.

You recently tried out a prototype of our new Lomography Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8 / 17 Art Lens. Could you tell us the gist about the photos you shot with it?

I tried to shoot a video at the seaside, the sun is so good. I attached the camera to the stabilizer and asked the model to surf skate down the aisle. The resulting image is quite wide which makes it easy to compose. I also walked around to take photos of the model at "Muang Thong Thani" and "Phra Nakhon District". Unfortunately, the sun was not that good and the sky was a bit dull, but I got lot of fun pictures.

Have you ever taken an ultra-wide lens for video photography before?

Never. I used only 24 mm lens.

How was the experience shooting with this lens? What did you like the most?

I love the Lomo LC-Wide camera a lot, so it's unsurprising that I also really liked the 17 mm range of the Atoll lens. It can keep everything that I want in the frame and It also has a unique color scheme in the style of Lomography. That's why I was really impressed with this lens.

What type of shoot would you recommend the Atoll lens? And what advice would you give to someone trying the lens for the first time?

I think it can be taken in various ways, It depends on your perspective that you want to communicate. It maybe portrait or landscape. Even taking a street snap is also fun. When I take a photo, I will make the atmosphere or background help in complementing my story. So when I tried the wide lens, It was very fun!

To check out more of Jatupatee's work, head over to his Instagram

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