Moody, Magical – an Interview with Tina Sosna


12 years ago, we've featured the work of Tina Sosna in the Magazine. We're amazed then and we are still amazed now.

Tina's photo work can be only described as poetry in visual form - they are like verses, beautiful and expressive. They make you feel emotions and help bring back fond memories with their delicate scenes and moods that touch you as you browse through the frames. We're lucky enough to have Tina back again to share with us what has kept her busy these past 12 years and how film photography is still a staple in her inspiring day-to-day life.

© Tina Sosna

Hello, Tina! It's nice to have you back in the Magazine! Please tell us a little something about yourself.

Hey, I’m Tina Sosna. Photographer and illustrator, living in a small village in Germany. Two years ago my partner, our cat, and I found a new home in the house of my childhood. Here we spend our days being creative together, working in our garden, going on bike rides and picnics. I’m in love with the small and simple treasures of life.

It's nice to see that you're still shooting on film. What has changed in your work since you were last here?

Yes, I’m still very much in love with shooting on film. When I talked with you about my work 12 years ago, I had only started my journey in photography. Sometimes when I feel less inspired nowadays I actually look back at my old work to see through the eyes of the teenage girl I was back then and mix it with the experience I have now.

Back then, I have taken much more self-portraits on film than I do now and often I have pressed the shutter without thinking. I feel like my analogue work now shows more private little scenes of my life, little things that mean something to me, but also more moody images with a little dreamy and nostalgic feel.

How would you describe your work now?

Calm, delicate, full of light and shadows.

Your photographs are like poetry in visual form. They are so full of emotions and musings. How did you come up with such a style?

Thank you so much! I think I’m a very thoughtful person and I pay attention to many details in my life. It fulfills me to find something magical and meaningful every day. As soon as an emotion, feeling or idea hits me I try to preserve it in a photograph.

© Tina Sosna

What made you stay with film photography?

There is just nothing like film photography. It gives me the opportunity to slow down in my creative process, to let everything happen - may it be perfect or not. It feels real, honest, and beautiful.

You are such an inspiration to artists. What is your advice to aspiring photographers and illustrators out there?

Thank you! I think the most important thing is to believe in yourself, to never stop creating, and to be creative. Walk through the world with open eyes and be sensitive.

How much do your photo and illustration work converge? Have they affected each other in any way through the years?

Not really I would say. Maybe just in the way that both are inspired by little moments of my daily life.

How do you know when it's time to hit the shutter?

Honestly, I never know. Sometimes it just feels right and the second you press the shutter, you know you captured the moment as it was and as you want it to last.

Why do you take photos?

It’s hard to explain, but sometimes it feels like photography already became a part of me. If I want it or not. Preserving memories and expressing myself in this form of art is something that is incredibly meaningful to me. It’s my therapy, my hobby, my job, my soul.

© Tina Sosna

Where do you see your work taking you in the future? Any plans for projects or collaborations in the work?

I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment. I would love to work more with other creatives and take my camera to more places that are new and exciting to me. I’m open to any opportunity that might come across!

How does someone stay inspired like you?

Going for walks, reading, listening to music, or watching movies with beautiful sceneries. Also staying curious and creative, being sensitive to the small changes in your surroundings. The seasons, the landscape, sounds and movement, light and shadows.

© Tina Sosna

What does a perfect day look like for Tina Sosna?

I love to start my day early when everyone is still asleep. I just love this calm and quiet feeling. Then I would bake something delicious for breakfast, wake my love up but also crawl back under the blanket for some more cuddles until we really start our day together. I would love this day to be slow, but also a little exciting. We would look on the map and pick out a place we could make a day trip to. Preparing a picnic, taking our cameras of course, maybe a book and spending the day outside.

Any last words for our readers?

Stay excited about life and be sensitive to the world.

We would like to thank Tina for letting us feature her story. You may follow her on her website and Instagram to stay updated about her work.

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