Bruno Ricardo Silva and his Analogue Duet Back to Back with EBS


Portuguese Lomographer Bruno Ricardo Silva a.k.a. fastbr a few months ago, during the celebration of the Film Photography Month, shared with us his tricks to achieve perfect symmetrical split photos.

Today he shares his Analogue Duet Back to Back EBS (Expose both Sides), taken with the Lomo LC-A+ and Splitzer. Let's get to know who is behind these trippy, colorful, and geometric shots in this interview.

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Purple

Hi Bruno! Can you make a brief introduction to those who do not know you yet?

I'm Bruno Ricardo from Aveiro in Portugal. Aveiro is a small city (100,000) in the center of the country, (250 north of Lisbon and 70 south of Porto). It is one of the most iconic cities in the country since it has a network of water canals similar to Amsterdam or Venice. In popular culture, we say that Aveiro is the Venice of Portugal. As a joke, I always say that Venice is the Aveiro of Italy! I'm 46 years old and I have a degree in Electronic Engineering. As my main occupation, I'm a technical consultant in industrial automation and industrial systems. I'm also an invited assistant professor at the local university. My main hobbies are, of course, Lomography and music. In the past, I've also tried DJing and some experiences in Radio, but only a hobby.

From time to time, when I have spare time since teaching is one of my passions, I hold some workshops on analogue creative photography (Lomography). The results from the participants always surprise me and you can see some photos here.

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Purple

Tell us a bit about your photography background. What’s your story? When did you start taking photos?

I bought my first camera very late (when I was 30), it was a small compact digital one, and for almost 8 years I photographed only in digital. The results were crapy. Ok, to tell you the truth with a digital camera I think I'm a below medium-level photographer. Because of that, I avoid using digital cameras. In the digital world, my main subjects are landscapes, and skyscapes. I'm also my company's "official" event and magazine photographer. (Off the records: all pictures of people on this site are my own).

I discovered Lomography in Berlin in 2012. I visited the local Lomography shop and fell in love with its LomoWall. I bought immediately a Lomo Fish Eye 2 and started taking photos. A month later I heard about a workshop about Lomography techniques held by Lomographer @zulupt and my Lomo addiction have started.

I did like the Lomowall in Berlin shop so much, that I decided to make my own. I have my old house for renting in AirBnB and it is called "Aveiro Photo House"...check it out here. In the pictures you can see the wall I did: all analog of course.

I currently have more than 20 analogue cameras including 6 LC-A: LC-A Original, LC-A+, LC-A+RL, LC-Wide, LC-A Original with an LC-A+ Front. I'm looking now for an LC-K, but they are rare!

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Purple

We can see a lot of experiments in your LomoHome. How did this interest in experimentation start?

As an engineer I do a lot of experiments, at work I'm always testing new stuff, Lomography allowed me to do the same in photography. I don't have a creative mind, so to achieve nice pictures I use experiments. Double Expositions, Splitting photos, X-Processing Film, EBS, Double Expo using different cameras, etc...In this way, even with a 0% creative mind, is it possible to achieve creative and surrealistic results.

Is there any technique that you did not try yet but that you will soon try?

Definitely. I have in my agenda an X-Pro from C41 film developed in E6 and also C41 developed in B&W. I'm also developing a Splitzer using a 3D printer for LC-Wide. This Splitzer will have the possibility to insert different masks like Star/Inverted Star, Circle/Inverted Circle, Square/Inverted square, etc...

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Purple

In an undeniably digital age, why do you choose to shoot film?

I love the look of analogue photos. The digital ones are too sharp and artificial, I hate that look... Most photographers take pictures in digital and then apply filters to give them an analogue aesthetic. That is a nonsense. An analog photo doesn't need photoshop: a simple crop and small adjustment in light, is enough to do the job. But the thing that most attracts me to analog photography is the unpredictability of the results. We never know what comes from the lab. The most satisfying thing is to receive a photo from the lab the exact way I imagined when I took the shot.

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Metropolis

Do you have a favorite film camera?

LC-A+RL with Splitzer loaded with any E6 film. Canon AE1-P is also one of my favorites.

What kind of photography gear do you always take on your vacations?

2 or 3 LC-A loaded with different kinds of film, a lot of film, a small Digital Compact Canon GX5, and some disposable cameras like the ones from Lomo.

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Metropolis

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Has I said in a previous answer, from experiments, practice and errors. I love to experiment, I love symmetry and surreal images. That is what drives me.

Who are the artists that you follow?

I follow a few Lomographers, like the master of EBS Hodachrome (Hodaka Yamamoto), the boss of reflections Roberto Fiúsa, and the Splitzer Doctor Gocchin (Yoshitaka Goto) and others on Instagram. I also follow travels photographer Joel Santos and some SkyScapes photographers like Miguel Claro.

© Bruno Silva Ricardo - LomoChrome Metropolis

Follow Bruno Ricardo Silva in his LomoHome and Instagram.

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