Creative Ways to Curate Your Ideas and Memories with Film Prints


The analogue way of life does not end with developing and printing your film photos. Put those photographic prints to good use! You can either turn them into art or even something helpful. Here are a few ways you can curate and organize your photos in style.

Credits: scritcci

The Art of Zine-Making and Scrapbooking

Feeling confident with your photographs? Perhaps it is time to be a little more ambitious and self-publish your own photo zine or scrapbook. Take your analogue grind to another level and express your art more with how you present the photos along with other media and creative techniques. Write clever captions, add frames and backgrounds -- design them to your heart's content. An oldie but goodie is how Lomographer dux_x formatted their "Lomo Notebook".

Credits: dux_x, superlighter, fafascinado & jabuka

Collages for Concepts

Whether a film or digital photographer, many of us love to take extra shots of the same moment, pose, or set-up, and let's be honest, we want to get rid of a couple of the excess. Easily turn those sets into collages. Like fitting puzzle pieces, cut and paste however you want to form the "new" photo.

Credits: disdis, 1205442, velvet-daddy, liangdu, rewd & oulpiana

Mini Museums with Photo Walls

We human beings create hundreds of memories daily, but there are some experiences that are noteworthy and meant to be cherished. Many of us take photos to capture these fleeting moments and hopefully, we can relive them through the photograph. Hang or pin photos on a clean surface and build your own photo wall. These memories of yours deserve to be displayed and frequently looked at.

Credits: mallorynox, siishell, legacy, agnes1409 & fabianohivio

Instant Artworks with Instant FIlm

The best thing about instant photography is the very fact that it is instant, therefore almost effortless! No developing time, no processing, no printing which would take hours and even a day, overall. And that's why they're perfect for creating artworks out of them. Doodle, sketch, write, put stickers, collage them as you wish. You can never go wrong with instant film.

Credits: morpixx, legacy & scritcci

Tried any of these methods already? Share a link to your album or work in the comments section!

written by cielsan on 2021-05-15

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