Multi-lens Memories: Lomography Oktomat Photos by @oukrid

After the Pop 9, Actionsampler, Supersampler, and before the LomoKino, there was the eight-eyed Oktomat, a little multi-lensed wonder. We haven't been seeing photographs taken with these cameras lately, so discovering these semi-recent snapshots by @oukrid was a nice surprise.

Credits: oukrid

In case you're wondering what Lomography multi-lens cameras are—yes, you guessed it right—cameras with multiple lenses. They're all simple and straightforward: no settings, no flash, not even a viewfinder. As soon as you press the button (or in Supersampler's case, when you pull the ripcord) to take a photo, the lenses whir in succession to take several sequential shots in one frame (except for the Pop 9), so it's best if your subject is in motion. If not, you'll get eight repeating images in one photo.

Credits: oukrid

@oukrid seems to have a special fondness for multi-lens cameras.

I used to take pictures with the Actionsampler and I wanted to test the Oktomat. I love the cinematic effect of this type of camera. I've tried different films like Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400, which is my favorite with the Oktomat. My tip is to position your feet steadily on the ground and hold your breath for sharp photos!
Credits: oukrid

Do you have an Oktomat camera? It's time to take them out to capture some action!

written by shhquiet on 2021-06-15 #gear #people #multilens #oktomat

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