Tips For Newbies: Cool Pool Photos

The world is slowly reopening after a period of confinement—just in time for the summer. The days are longer and we'll definitely make up for lost time. A dip in the pool is most likely part of the itinerary, so a few snapshots in and out of the pool is in order! Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

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Use the appropriate film speed

If you're shooting in very bright conditions, an ISO 100 rated film is good enough. Shooting in the sun and shade? An ISO 200 film should be your choice. Shooting from sun up to sun down? An ISO 400 film is the most ideal.

Play with textures, reflections, and distortions

A small splash creates ripples; a deep plunge produces bubbles. When sunlight hits the water, be quick to capture the patterns that shine and shimmer on the surface and underneath.

Splash-proof your camera

There's no need to get all fancy with your gear here. Your trusty lightweight point-and-shoot will do, as long as you're only shooting poolside. Among the Lomography camera lineup, the Lomo LC-A+ paired with the Lomo LC-A+ KRAB Underwater Case is our favorite. This pairing allows you to shoot up to 65 feet underwater!

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Toss in some props

Turn your pool into a fantasy world - a sprinkle of flowers makes for a dreamy photo, while masks make for an amusing scenario. Pool noodles and floaters, when shot at certain angles, can produce artsy, abstract results.

Blend two scenes together

Supposing you're using a Lomo LC-A+ and KRAB case, you can imagine two scenes together in one photo with the LC-A+'s Multiple Exposure function. Tip: Set the MX mode before putting on the KRAB.

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Any tips you'd like to add? Sound off in the comments below!

written by shhquiet on 2021-07-16 #tutorials #summer #pool

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