Purple All Around — a Photo Gallery by @that_came_out_wrong

Do you mind if we spoil the article already? The answer is definitely yes.

Credits: that_came_out_wrong

Just take a look at these shots from community member @that_came_out_wrong. Each photo shows a different use for the LomoChrome Purple. The wide ISO range makes it suitable for different shooting conditions. And take note of those eye-catching colors that react to changes in lighting. We hate to break it to you @that_came_out_wrong, but these shots definitely came out alright. Thanks for sharing these lovely purple shots with the community!

Credits: that_came_out_wrong

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written by cheeo on 2021-09-22 #people #purple #photo-gallery #lomochrome #that_came_out_wrong

LomoChrome Purple Film 100-400 35mm

This unique color negative film will astound you by transforming natural tones of your photo into new eye-popping hues. A revival of the psychedelic infrared look from the Kodak Aerochrome film we all love, this film guarantees astounding photographic results.

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